I am fascinated with the stories people tell of how they came into the "born again" experience. Each conversion and salvation story is unique, a miracle story, the story of how the sovereign Lord of heaven and earth reaches down and woos men and women, boy and girls, until they come into the revelation of this great God, who he is, and what his personal plan is for each and every life.

God does have a plan, a specific, personalized plan for each person he brings into the world. Many spend their lives avoiding him for various reasons, but in the humility of God, he continues to woo them with experience after experience until finally the heart realizes that he is the answer to everything ever yearned or hoped for, the only one who can fill that God-shaped void that is in the heart of every human being.

These stories are, by necessity, long, for it takes an overview of a process that often begins many years before the person finally surrenders to God.

I like to print them out and take them to bed with me. It's such pleasant reading while one withdraws from his hectic day and settles down with a story that will encourage, or teach, or guide, or uplift the soul.

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